Internet Safety

 Internet Safety Presentation on October 19, 2015
  Internet Safety
Sex Trafficking
Judge Kim Dowling, Delaware Circuit Court 2
Internet Safety, What Parents and Students Should Know
Judi L. Calhoun,  Chief Deputy Prosecutor
What Parents Need to Know About the Commercial Exploitation of Children
Dr. Robyn N. Eubank,  Y.O.C. Director of Psychological Services          

Additional Information Provided

Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children (CSEC)
1-800-3737-888 (Hotline)


The Psychology of Modern Day Slavery -

Uses the voices of survivors and psychologist involved in researching and treating survivors of trafficking.

A Path Appears

PBS Documentary/Film Episode One

Very Young Girls

Documentary (2007)

My Kid Would Never Do That: 'Stranger Danger'


National Human Trafficking Referral Center ( NHTRC)

Shared Hope International

A nonprofit, non-governmental organization that exists to prevent sex trafficking, restore 

and bring justice to women and children who have been victimized through sex trafficking.


A nonprofit, non-governmental organization that works 

to combat and prevent modern day slavery and human trafficking.

National Center for Missing & Expoited Children