Work Permits

Students age 14 through 17 years old will need to obtain an Employment Certificate (Work Permit) to be employed in the state of Indiana. The student must bring a completed Intention to Employ/A-1 form, signed by the prospective employer and the student's parent or guardian, to the reception area at the Anthony Administration Building, 2501 N. Oakwood Avenue. The student must also present a birth certificate or driver's license as proof of age and an attendance form signed by the school principal verifying an acceptable school attendance record before an Work Permit will be issued.

After the eighth unapproved absence from school, a student will be denied issuance of an Employment Certificate (IC 20-33-3-13). An Employee Certificate previously issued will be revoked (IC 20-33-3-20).

The following are needed to obtain a work permit:

  • Intention to Employ/A-1 form
  • Birth Certificate or Driver's License
  • Verification of Attendance form