High Ability Education


High Ability Learners

Muncie Community Schools is proud to offer all-day High Ability opportunities in multiple settings for students in grades K-12. We recognize that each child, regardless of ability, has their own affective characteristics that lead to their unique social and emotional needs. Children with high abilities, however, may have additional affective needs due to increased capacity to think beyond their years and other factors. We're committed to providing a systematic, proactive approach to facilitate our high abilities students’ social adjustment and promote development of their high potential.

Emily Skoglund"Our daughter loves the High Ability program at EWA. I can tell she is excited to learn and share what she's learning. She has been challenged but also receives plenty of support. It's been amazing to see how much she has grown academically in just a couple of years. The communication between the school and parents has been a great help to us in supporting her learning."
 Emily Skoglund, Parent

Holowell Family

"The High Ability program has been a great learning environment for our children. The teachers have built a culture among the students of celebrating one another and enjoying the learning process. Our children want to go to school and want to keep learning when they come home and that will go a long way in developing a lifelong joy of learning and discovery."

                                                    Josh & Whitney Holowell, Parents

Some of the benefits of the High Ability program on the elementary level include:
-- Challenging curriculum
-- All-day rigorous instruction
-- Qualified, experienced teachers
-- Integrated Arts and Music programs
-- Free busing (within district)
Download a printable brochure here: 
K-5 High Ability brochure.

East Washington Academy

East Washington Academy (K-5)
Teachers, administrators and the school counselor all receive ongoing professional development focused on the social-emotional needs of high ability learners.

All classrooms receive weekly SEL lessons provided by the classroom teachers and monthly lessons by the school counselor with additional individualized support at home or school through Ripple Effects, an online SEL program.

Classroom topics include:

Overexcitabilities - heightened emotional sensitivity addressed through lessons on empathy, peace, patience, kindness and perfectionism.

Asynchronous Development - social skills and friendship with an empahsis on handling strong emotions.

Perfectionism - testing anxiety, growth mindset and handling disappointment (grades 3-5).

Self-esteem/Identity - monthly character themes on responsibility, integrity and confidence building.

Small group and individual counseling in many of these areas is available on an as-needed basis. After school activities include Math Bowl, Science Bowl and Spell Bowl. 

Northside Middle School

Northside and Southside Middle Schools
Honors Programming

Honors Humanities
(English and Social Studies)
Honors Math
Honors Science
Honors Choir
Honors Band

Muncie Central High School

Muncie Central High School
Honors Programming

Grade 9 Honors English
Honors Geometry
Honors Biology
Grade 10 Honors English
Honors Algebra II
Honors Chemistry
Grade 11Honors Pre-Calculus/Trig
Advanced Honors Concert Band

Advanced Placement

AP Language and Composition
AP Biology
AP Physics I
AP U.S. History
AP English Literature and Composition
AP Calculus
AP Chemistry
AP Physics II
AP Economics (Macro and Micro)
AP U.S. Government/Politics
AP Psychology
AP French IV
AP Spanish IV
AP Studio Art

IDOE High Ability Information