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Transportation services for MCS students are provided by Auxilio Services and Muncie Indiana Transit Services (MITS). Should your child need transportation, please fill out the “Student Transportation Form” found by clicking this link. Once submitted, someone from the transportation office will contact you through the phone number and email address you listed on the form. Please note: the entire process may take up to four days to process and complete. 

Please understand that safety reasons prohibit us from allowing a child to ride until his/her name appears on the bus roster. Should you not be contacted within four days, please call Auxilio Services at 765-201-4254. Routes are developed based upon the most current information available.

Each elementary school has established Transportation and Non-Transportation Zones. Below are the URLs for the individual school transportation zone maps:

Grissom Elementary

East Washington Academy

Longfellow Elementary

North View Elementary

South View Elementary

West View Elementary

Southside Middle School

Northside Middle School

All transportation Zones and boundaries*:

Please note that within selected areas of a non-transportation zone area pickup/drop-off spots may be provided. Generally, these will be in areas where students would have to cross heavily traveled streets and/or railroad crossings.

Additional Transportation Information