2019-2020 Transportation Information


Tammy Dodd

Transportation Coordinator

Transportation services will be provided by Auxilio Services for our elementary routes and Muncie Indiana Transit Services (MITS) for our middle school and high school students. 

Each elementary school has established Transportation and Non-Transportation Zones.  

Below are the URLs for the individual school transportation zone maps:

Grissom Elementary

East Washington Academy

Longfellow Elementary

North View Elementary

South View Elementary

West View Elementary

Southside Middle School

Northside Middle School

All transportation Zones and boundaries*:

Please note that within selected areas of a non-transportation zone area pickup/drop-off spots may be provided. Generally, these will be in areas where students would have to cross heavily traveled streets and/or railroad crossings.

Should your child require to be picked up or dropped off at a location not associated with your home address please complete the “Student Transportation Form” found by clicking this link. Please note this may take up to four (4) days to complete. You will be contacted by the bus driver who will call the number you list on the “Student Transportation Form.” Please understand that for safety reasons no child will be allowed to ride until his/her name appears on the bus roster. Should you not be contacted within four (4) days please call Auxilio Services at 765-201-4254. Routes are developed based upon the most current information available. As new information becomes available route adjustments may be made, however, these adjustments will not take place until after August 9, 2018.

Permanent Bus Stops

Permanent bus stops will be established by the office of student transportation.  Bus stops will be located on public serviced roadways. Buses will NOT load/unload students at areas deemed unsafe by the office of student transportation.

Bus stops will be established such that bus drivers have adequate time to activate loading lights, approach stop, load students safely, and proceed on to next destination.

Students and parents are required to ensure the safety of all individuals to and from the bus stop and while waiting for the bus.

Bus drivers are not authorized to change, edit, or add bus stops to their route. Requests or concerns are handled by the office of student transportation.

Students need to be at their scheduled bus stop at least 10-minutes prior to the time scheduled. Buses will not be sent back to retrieve students that missed the bus.

Cul-De-Sacs/Courts/Dead End Roadways

Buses cannot travel down cul-de-sacs, courts, or dead end roadways. Although areas may allow enough room to turn around there are many instances when parked vehicles, delivery vehicles, or any situation out of the ordinary that places the bus driver in a position to have to travel in reverse, which is not permitted.

Bus Routes

Bus routes will be designed to utilize the maximum capacity rating for each bus. Routes will be designed and built for students to ride to and from their assigned stop based on their home address.

Bus Route Changes

In the event a bus route changes and the times are altered more than +-10 minute’s students and parents will be notified via letter indicating the schedule changes. 

There may be times routes may need to be consolidated to account for shortage of drivers or situations unforeseen by the office of student transportation. The corporation will make every effort to communicate to the parents and students of last minute changes.

Alternate Bus Stop

Students that require a bus stop other than to their home residency will need to complete a Student Transportation Form.  Services to the new location may take 3-5 business days to complete. Parents/Guardians should have a back-up plan in place until services are altered to accommodate request.  Changes will only be accommodated if the request is for AM and PM, Monday through Friday, and a permanent bus stop exists in the area being requested. No new stops will be established for alternate transportation requests. Once the request is approved the Office of Student Transportation will notify bus driver, then the bus driver will contact the parent of student with start date and proper schedule information. No changes may start until approved, authorized, and scheduled by the office of student transportation.

Changes must be established no less than one week prior to the start date of school. No changes will be granted during the school year unless:

  1. The bus has capacity

  2. The change is permanent

Due to bus capacity and routing efficiencies students will NOT be able to use multiple bus stops or day variant scheduling.

No changes will be granted over the phone.

Bus Stop Etiquette

Students and parents are to respect the property where the bus stops are located. Individuals are not to damage or vandalize the property where the bus stops are located. Failure to comply may result in a loss of riding privileges for the remainder of the school semester.


Students are to wait at least 10- feet away from the curb while waiting for the bus. Students are NOT to board the bus until the red loading lights and stop arm have been activated.

Students that are required to cross in front of the bus must do so ONLY after the driver has activated the red warning lights, activated stop arm, and indicated that it is safe to cross in front of the bus. Students are NOT to cross behind the bus. Students that cross behind the bus may lose riding privileges for the remainder of the school year.

Students are to be at their bus stop ready to board the bus at least 10-minutes prior to scheduled pick- up time. Students that are not at the bus stop and visible to the driver may not be picked up. Buses will not be sent back for tardy students.

If a student misses the bus they may NOT chase or follow the bus to board at another bus stop. This is extremely dangerous and can result in serious injury.


To maintain bus routes running on time and efficiently we request that all communication be handled through the office of student transportation and not the bus driver. This ensures the bus is not delayed en route. In the event, you need to get a hold of your child’s bus driver to discuss a disciplinary concern, bus times, or items related to the bus ride please contact Auxilio Services @ (765) 201-4254 and a message will be left for the driver.

Bus Evacuation Safety Drill

Throughout the school year students will participate in bus safety drills.  This program is to help assist students in the education process of understanding their role and what to do in the event the bus needs to evacuate.

Students will be taught how to evacuate, where to evacuate, and how the emergency exits operate.

Students shall dress accordingly on these dates as they will be evacuating out of the bus through the front, middle, or rear exits.

Bus Rules

Students are expected to follow the same rules as in the classroom while riding the bus. In addition, students are expected to follow the rules listed below. Failure to follow may result in a loss of riding privilege

1. Follow same rules as in classroom

2. Remain seated always

3. Sit in assigned seat unless instructed differently by school staff

4. No eating, drinking, or consumption of any eatable item

5. No smoking

6. No weapons

7. Windows may be lowered to halfway position after driver authorizes permission

8. Do not touch others

9. Remain seated until bus comes to a complete stop

Failure to follow the bus rules may result in a loss of bus riding privileges.

Discipline Plan

1st Violation - Driver will talk with student to correct the issue

2nd  Violation - Driver fills out a School Bus Conduct Violation Report, stating the specific bus rule violation. The driver then calls the parent/guardian to ask for his/her assistance in resolving the issue. This call is mandatory and a record of the call must be noted on the violation form. Specific information must be included:

      a. Individual driver spoke with on the phone.

      b. Date and time of the conversation, along with the number called. 

      c. What the parents/guardians will do to help correct the bus misbehavior of the student.

     d. Must be done before any referrals are written (other than *Severe Clause Referrals.)

When the 1st and/or 2nd Referral is given to an administrator; a copy of the Violation Report must be attached with specific information as slated above (other than for *Severe Clause Referrals.) The administrator’s options are:

      a. Counsel with student, parent/guardian, and/or driver

      b. Bus Suspension

      c. Other

3rd Referral- Recommended minimum three (3) day bus suspension and contact with parent/guardian.

4th Referral- Recommended bus suspension for the remainder of the semester/school year.

*Severe Clause: Fighting, smoking, unauthorized departure from bus, abusive, carrying weapons, or vandalizing the bus are examples of behavior that may result in an immediate referral and/or suspension from bus transportation and/or school. School administration also has the right to forego the preceding steps and proceed to whatever disciplinary step is deemed appropriate for any severe violation.

One-Day Bus Passes

Bus passes will not be granted for riding an alternate bus.

Carry-On Items

The Office of Student Transportation will allow students to bring items on the bus provided the item: 

  • Fit on top of student’s lap

  • Do not sit higher than the lower window level

  • Do not interfere with students sitting in their seat

Do not block aisle way or emergency exits per state law